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The first mobile piano tuition in Northern Ireland 07973 753118 - or click here to book online.

An Introduction

The Cost.

£9 per half hour per child.

Children come in groups of two.

Guess What?

Learning a musical instrument does more for the brain than any computer game.

With Róisín, you’ll have an interactive, fun and engaging learning experience.

When one lesson is over, you’ll be really looking forward to the next.

True Facts

Roísín has played many times in Eurovision!

She has performed full time in RTÉ orchestras

Roísín has played with top selling music artists across a range of genres!

Róisín McCrisken

A passionate pianist & teacher with a DRSAMD (Degree of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama).

Róisín has over 20 years of experience performing throughout her native Ireland as well as internationally.

She has played with U2,Rod Stewart,Ronan Keating,Shirley Bassey,Chris de Burgh and toured America for three months with
Phil Coulter.She also toured Europe with the Ulster Orchestra.

Piano Tuition

Remember the excitement of boarding the mobile library? The Piano Wagon takes that idea, combines it with piano tuition and gives young people that very excitement & experience all whilst learning a musical instrument.

They’ll develop a set of skills which goes beyond learning music – which can become part of life – improving their maths, languages and social skills to name but a few.

What is it?

The Piano Wagon is a converted ambulance which is fully fitted out with piano facilities. It’s safe, warm, comfortable and provides a quirky environment for piano lessons.

The Lessons

I will travel to your school & operate from the school grounds. Pupils can quickly and easily hop on board & we can get started. No after school taxi required.

Fun Learning!

Children will learn skills that include playing the piano, reading music and playing tunes from popular movies and top hits.

Lessons will be in groups of two. Learning together and playing music in this way has many benefits.

Book Now!

To book lessons for 2015 please text or phone 07973 753118 or use the easy online booking request form. Required details details of school, class, name of child and contact details.

Your Feedback & Comments

When you have a lesson with The Piano Wagon, I’d love to feature your feedback on the testimonials page and blog page…so why not share your experience using the easy online feedback & comments form….

We are covered by the Musicians Union and all teachers are Police Checked. At no stage will The Piano Wagon move with children on board.